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Quillebeuf-sur-Seine, Kingdom of the Captains of the Seine



Located in the last bend of the Seine, at the mouth of the estuary and near Normandy and Tancarville Bridges, the maritime city of Quillebeuf-sur-Seine will surprise you with the wealth of its heritage.


Grande Rue Quillebeuf sur Seine

The street nammed « Grande Rue » in Quillebeuf sur Seine


Quillebeuf-sur-Seine, a rich history in the Seine Valley


The town of Quillebeuf-sur-Seine owes its reputation as a maritime city to its strategic geographical location at the mouth of the Seine.

The entire city is imbued with history and seafaring life. In the 15th century, King Charles VII of France granted the captains of Quillebeuf-sur-Seine the right to navigate on the Seine in order to thank for helping in the fight against the English ships.

By Royal charter dated 1596, Henri IV confirmed this privilege by authorising the Quillebois to designate 99 of them to be river captains, the 100th being the King himself, and decided to turn Quillebeuf-sur-Seine into a stronghold using three fortified houses. One of these dating from the 17th century and whose burnt ruins can still be seen today, was called « Maison Royale » and is one of the city’s finest homes.

Grande Rue is lined with 16th century timber-framed houses. There are numerous motifs sculpted on the Renaissance-era half-timbered homes (la Sergenterie, la Maison du Paradis, la Maison du Passeur, etc.) and graffiti carved into the stone on the passages and interior walls, leading to inside courtyards.

The memory of sailors and captains of the Seine is still very present today.

Maison Royale

Maison Royale (royal House)



The Church of Notre Dame de Bon Port is among the finest examples of Norman Roman architecture. It holds many etchings of navel scenes, model ships and stained glass windows from the 16th century.

To visit the church, please contact the town hall for the keys +33 (0)2 32 57 51 25

Eglise de Quillebeuf sur Seine

Notre Dame de Bon Port


Brochures with tours of the city and the church are available at the Norman Seine Valley Tourist Office.


Peinture Embouchure de la Seine, Quillebeuf sur Seine peinture de Joseph Mallord William Turner

« Mouth of the Seine, Quillebeuf », painted in 1833 by Turner



The Seine Valley has long been a source of inspiration for many artists such as Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), who painted extensively on the Seine during his travels through the region, with the famous work « Mouth of the Seine, Quillebeuf », painted in 1833.

On the quays of the Seine, the ferry still allows visitors to cross the Seine like in the old days.

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