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Nature offers you its most beautiful reserves in the heart of Marais-Vernier


Prepare to experience unusual encounters with nature, off the beaten path, near Honfleur and the Estuary


La Grand'Mare vue de l'observatoire Sainte-Opportune-la-Mare

The Grand’Mare in Sainte-Opportune-la-Mare

Natural Reserve

The Natural Reserve, covering 148 hectares, is an area of major ecological interest. Located in Marais Vernier, in an old bend of the Seine, it consists of the former National Natural Reserve of Mannevilles, state property since 1973, and of Marais de Bouquelon acquired in 2002 by the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park. The park is responsible for its management. It is characterized by wet meadows that developed on peaty areas and famous for its unique flora: loose-flowered orchids, sundews, seaside arrowgrass, English thistles, etc.

The Reserve is ideal for nesting and welcoming many migratory birds: snipe, curlew and corncrake. White storks, present since 1993, can be seen in flight or on one of the many nests built in the marshes.

 Highland cattle and wild horses of Camargue started to graze extensively in these areas in the late 1970s. Chosen for their hardiness and light weight suitable for wet peaty soil, these « natural lawn mowers » rebalance the natural environment.

Organized visits to the wetlands are offered by the park during appropriate times.

In July and August, tours* of the Reserve with a nature guide are available every Wednesday afternoon.

Reservations required with the House of the Boucles de la Seine Normande Natural Park at +33 (0)2 35 37 23 16.


Courtils de Bouquelon

Visite de personnes dans les Courtils de Bouquelon

Courtils de Bouquelon

An observation trail covering some twenty hectares along a « courtil » (« garden » in Old French) stretches through the heart of Marais Vernier. These « courtils » were arranged in long strips lined by ditches and pollarded trees, from the foot of the hillside to the centre of the marshes, covered by pastures and vegetable gardens. They create a very typical landscape. The peaty subsoil is home to many different species. Walking on the peat is an experience in itself. Free visit designed for a knowledgeable audience.

*Guided tours for groups of adults (minimum of 12 people). Reservations required.





The Grand’Mare’s Hunting and Wildlife Reserve

Réserve de Chasse à Sainte Opportune la Mare

Hunting reserve, Sainte Opportune la Mare

An open access observatory has been set up on the property of the National Hunting and Wildlife Agency (“Fédération des Chasseurs de l’Eure”) to observe migratory birds during migration and sedentary birds throughout the year.
For groups, it is also possible to discover two naturamas within the property. Admission is free but you will have to book first by calling +33 (0)2 32 23 03 15

Two picnic tables have also been installed close to the observatory. Aire de pique nique



* These visits suggest a good physical condition


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