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Observation and Contemplative Stops in Marais Vernier

Between protection and awareness

Marais Vernier is a natural amphitheatre spanning 4,500 hectares between the Seine and wooded hillside. This vast area is divided into two parts: the wet “peaty” marshes composed of prairies, pastures and woods devoted to breeding and hunting and the somewhat drier alluvial marshes where farming and cattle breeding are more prevalent.

The peaty section, which is extremely rare in France, is composed of an accumulation of non-decomposed plant matter. It forms poor, spongy soil with low yield. The plants that develop there are specific to this environment. Some extremely rare examples are emblematic, like the orchids or certain carnivorous plants like the sundew or Drosera.

Grand’Mare Observatory


Jumelle à la Grand'Mare à Sainte Opportune la Mare

The Grand’Mare Observatory, owned by the Hunting Federation of Eure (“Fédération des Chasseurs de l’Eure”), is located on the Cottage Route and overlooks the pond for which it is named. This pond is in fact a vast hunting and wildlife reserve where wild ducks and geese come to rest during migration.

It also possible to discover two dioramas on the property (groups only). Free entrance. Reservation required by calling +33 (0)2 32 23 03 15

Please note that two picnic tables are also available at the foot of the observatory.


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